Diversity and Inclusion Policy – My English School

At My English School we believe that it is diversity among people that guarantees success: recognizing and respecting it every day is our strength and it is also the only way to move towards a future full of change and innovation.

Different points of view and different strengths enable us to interpret change, face the challenges of the market and of a rapidly evolving world, but above all to achieve results beyond what we thought possible.

For this reason, My English School is committed daily to ensuring that all the people who work with us are oriented towards respect for gender identity, skills and potential, ethnicity, culture, age, religion, sexual and political orientation. In our schools and offices, we want to build and curate an environment of trust that is open, balanced, and above all, inclusive.


To do so, we have compiled a list of some core principles that guide our daily activities:

*At My English School, gender equality is a concrete goal and everyone’s talent is recognized and encouraged.

*Being different, being ourselves, makes us happier and more productive human beings: that’s why we are committed to building an inclusive and respectful work environment for employees of all sexual orientations.

*We are open and welcoming to people from all over the world, of any nationality, origin and ethnicity.

*We understand the value of the right relationship between personal and professional life: it is what allows us to be free, fulfilled and more productive.

*We value the experiences of all and stimulate collaboration between people of all ages and levels of seniority. We entrust our projects to diverse and collaborative teams, a nd we invest in the growth of our people.


We have drawn up these points to demonstrate that for My English School diversity is a value: this is why we are committed to not making distinctions based on gender, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions. Because we are open to listening to others. Always. And whoever it is.

We hope that all our employees, but also partners, suppliers and collaborators will embrace and welcome this declaration of intent.