My English School™ was founded in 2010 with the aim of setting a new benchmark for teaching quality and with the intention of changing the preconception of what an English school should be like.
From this, we developed a completely new model, where quality for our students is at the very center of everything we do. Our aim was to create the ideal conditions for real learning and make the teaching experience both unique and rewarding.
We created a brand new didactic method, taking on board new approaches, all the while maintaining practicality and focusing on student enjoyment.


The secret of My English School is MySmart English®, an innovative teaching method that involves plenty of conversation in small groups inspired by real-life situations. This promotes natural learning and a full immersion in the English language and culture.
MyES schools are comfortable and dynamic environments, with mother tongue and native-level teachers. Socializing with fellow students is always stimulating: attending a MyES English course is a unique experience!
An underlying advantage of My English School is the attention paid to each student from day one: a didactic consultant will create the personalized study plan and follow the student throughout the course from beginning to end.



All our teachers are highly trained and qualified.


It’s proven that you learn best
in a pleasant atmosphere.


You can personalize your English course, choosing the days and times of the lessons.


The MySMART English® learning system is based on a communicative approach with criteria similar to the ways through which children acquire mastery of their mother tongue, a process that occurs spontaneously and intuitively through unconscious learning and diversified teaching activities. Our method is supported by e-learning on a specific web platform, that allows the use of unique teaching aids that are perfectly integrated with the course content, and which are, most importantly, exclusive! This originality is also reflected in the customization of the study pace and respect for the learning approach of each student, which translates into immediacy and ease of acquisition of the English language.